...will give you the ability to elicit change at both the conscious and unconscious level and take your knowledge of NLP tools to a higher level not found in other Coach Training courses.

When an NLP intervention has worked effectively, it is referred to as being “elegant”.  This two day course is designed for those who have some understanding of NLP, from beginners to qualified practitioners, and who would like to further explore the application of its techniques to self-improvement.  The course is ideally suited for coaches, therapists, counsellors, and anyone in a mentoring capacity. It is also excellent for the individual seeking to become their “best self” on a consistent basis.

Book your place on the Elegant Coaching Course now and you can be on your way not only to helping others but also improving your earning potential. This course equates to 16 hours of CPD.

Friday 9th – Mon 12th July 2021

9AM – 1PM (UK) each day

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What You'll Learn

Meet Di McClanachan your Coach Trainer.                 TOPICS

Following a career in a multi-national corporate in the IT sector, Di became a highly-respected Trainer and Executive Master Coach working with UK-based and international organisations, spanning the corporate, public and private sectors.  She specialises in creating and delivering transformative training and coaching programmes, particularly at Managerial and Executive level.   She has been featured in the Daily Mail, interviewed on BBC1 Television and was the pioneer of live, phone-in coaching on BBC Radio Solent.

Combining extensive business experience and coaching accreditations, Di fulfils the roles of tutor, supervisor and mentor on Noble Manhattan’s ILM Level 7 Executive & Corporate Coaching Diploma. She teaches NLP to students NMC’s Life and Executive Coach Diploma course as well as being the lead trainer for ‘Elegant Coaching’.  Her approach is that learning should be enjoyable for knowledge to ‘stick’ and consequently, Di brings her engaging personality to the fore when training. During coaching sessions, Di is an expert in ‘listening between the words’ – reflecting back to clients key thoughts they have verbalised without realising their importance.  Thus Di has enabled many clients to experience breakthroughs, which have led to the achievement of major successes.


  • Individual Coaching – both life coaching and executive coaching
  • Personal Development training, especially in leadership and management
  • Inspirational/Motivational speaker – specialist subject is overcoming self sabotage
  • Author of best-selling ‘NLP for Business Excellence’ and other titles for Hodder & Stoughton

  • Decision making
  • Goal setting
  • Empowering beliefs
  • Growth mindsets
  • peak performance
  • Excellence beliefs

  • The core model of NLP which perfectly explains why everyone is different and unique
  • The “extra filter” that Bandler and Grinder missed in the original creation of NLP and its importance in driving behaviour
  • The ‘excellence beliefs’ of NLP and how to adopt and live them fully
  • Eliciting values the NLP way (rather than the conventional coaching way) and how to create a decision-making template that enables good quality decisions to be made consistently
  • The ‘Ideal Life’ exploration, particularly appropriate for those who find it hard to identify what they do want in life but have no problem listing everything they don’t want
  • Utilising the logical levels for personal change and liking this to the Reticular Activating System (RAS) to generate different and better results
  • The ‘Unstoppable Combination’ – a 3-part formula for becoming unstoppable in attaining goals
  • Spatial belief change – 2 different methods for “walking away” a limiting belief and replacing it with a new, empowering belief
  • Goal setting using the Well Formed Outcome and Well Formed Obstacle questionnaires
  • Using sub-modalities to make a good memory magnificent and to add real passion to a visualised goal
  • A dip into New Code NLP and how to use language to “loosen up” the key, extra filter if it is functioning negatively
  • John Grinder’s peak performance exercise utilising Alphabet Edit to access the behaviour transformation state
  • Exploration of Neuro Science in coaching and how physiology affects brain chemistry and therefore behaviour
  • Understanding Fixed and Growth mindsets, their impact on behaviour and results, and how a simple 3-letter word can make all the difference
  • Pulling it all together – gathering up all the learning experiences from the 2 days and capturing them in a personal ‘Circle of Excellence’ that can be accessed any time, anywhere.

                                     Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd is committed to training magnificent coaches and this takes time and study.

  • Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd was established in 1993 and has grown to become one of the largest and most successful Coaching Training organisations in the World, operating in 31 countries.
  • Noble Manhattan Coaching stands for excellence. It is a multi-award-winning organisation with a well-earned reputation for delivering the highest quality coaching courses and training outstanding coaches. What is unique about Noble Manhattan is that it is a global organisation with a heart. Students are truly welcomed into the Noble Manhattan ‘family’ and not only receive the very best in training from highly qualified and experienced trainers and mentors, they also receive ongoing help and support after they have trained.
  • Achieving and maintaining high standards is paramount and every NMC coaching course is accredited or recognised by some of the leading accreditation bodies: the IAPC&M (International Association for Professional Coaching and Mentoring); ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management); ILM City & Guilds; ICF (International Coach Federation); and the IRCM (International Regulator for Coaching and Mentoring).